A Glimpse into the Future of Farming: Arpexas Visit Harper & Keele Vet School

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A recent visit to the Harper & Keele Veterinary School provided the team from Arpexas the opportunity to explore advancements in agricultural technology. Guided by Joshua Onyango, their tour of the farm led by the farm manager Becky Yarnold, offered an in-depth look at how modern technology is revolutionising beef and dairy farming, making it more efficient, sustainable, and animal-friendly.

Amongst many highpoints was the demonstration of the Herd Navigator System and the milking robot. These technologies are at the forefront of transforming dairy farming by providing precise and real-time data on each cow’s health, milk yield, and nutritional needs. The Herd Navigator System is a sophisticated tool that monitors various health indicators such as milk composition, progesterone levels and offers effective management of mastitis and ketosis.

The milking robot represents a step towards automation in dairy farming. It allows cows to be milked on demand, improving animal welfare by reducing stress and increasing milk yield. The robot’s ability to track milk quantity and quality from each cow offers farmers valuable insights into their herd’s productivity and health status.

The visit also highlighted the Cow Manager System, a novel technology that utilises smart ear tags. Smart ear tags have been a significant development in livestock management in recent years, providing continuous monitoring of each animal’s well-being, reproductive status, and feeding behaviour. By analysing the data collected from these ear tags, farmers can make informed decisions about nutrition, breeding, and health management, leading to improved herd performance and welfare.

Andy and Dan were also introduced to ongoing research aimed at developing tools to combat emissions from beef herds. This work is crucial in the context of global climate change, as livestock farming is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. By focusing on innovative strategies to reduce methane production, such as dietary adjustments and breeding for lower-emission cattle, the Harper & Keele Vet School is contributing to the development of more sustainable farming practices.

The visit to Harper & Keele Vet School provided Andy and Dan with a glimpse into the future of farming, where technology and sustainability go hand in hand. The integration of advanced systems like the Herd Navigator, milking robots, and smart ear tags into everyday farming practices is not just enhancing animal health and productivity but also paving the way for more environmentally friendly agriculture.

As we look towards a future where the demands on agriculture are ever-increasing, the innovations showcased during this visit highlight the importance of embracing technology to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the farming sector. It’s clear that the future of beef and dairy farming lies in harnessing the power of data and automation to improve both animal welfare and environmental impact.

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