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Embracing Innovation: Arpexas’ Journey and the Digital Future of Livestock Health

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As we mark the 18th anniversary of Arpexas, it feels surreal to reflect on our humble
beginnings back in 2006, a time when I transitioned from Pfizer Animal Health to
establishing a venture of my own. Without relying heavily on advertising or
promotion, we have flourished through the potency of personal connections.
Originating in Kent, I was drawn to the bustling innovation in Edinburgh’s life
sciences sector, which swiftly became the cradle of our substantial client network,
particularly in translational research.

Our early endeavors involved scouting commercial opportunities emerging from
animal science and veterinary research institutes, as well as university departments.
An interesting early client, GALVmed (then known simply as GALV), was situated just
south of Edinburgh, which deepened my interest in veterinary medicine availability
for lower and middle-income countries (LMICs).
This path led us to forge a strong partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation, and today, much of Arpexas’ work is inextricably linked with their
Yet, 18 years is a significant milestone, a juncture that calls for introspection and
evolution. With rebranding in mind and my eldest son, Dan, seeking a career shift,
we found an unconventional synergy. Dan’s background is in engineering within the
music industry, but joining Arpexas as a project manager, he brings an exciting and
fresh perspective to digital applications.

Our digital journey is ambitious, spanning from internal business operations to
transforming livestock health and productivity in LMICs. Developed economies are
already exploring “digital twinning” to create virtual models of livestock enterprises, a
stark evolution from the laborious data collection and processing methods of the

While LMICs grapple with a scarcity of such data, hindering productivity
advancements, there is a silver lining. We are witnessing swift technological
progress, with companies like Stellapps in India pioneering monitoring systems.
In forthcoming blog posts, I intend to delve deeper into how digital innovations are
reshaping livestock management in LMICs. It’s an exciting era for Arpexas, as we
stand at the intersection of tradition and technological frontiers, committed to
enhancing livestock welfare and productivity through digital breakthroughs.

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