Exploring the Horizon of Veterinary Vaccines: Reflections from Morocco and Beyond

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On a recent business trip to Morocco, I was greeted with an abundance of insights and opportunities for future collaborations. This venture to Mohammedia, where I engaged with the veterinary vaccine manufacturer MCI, represented a pivotal move in cultivating international alliances to propel the global animal health industry forward.

Bridging Continents for Animal Health

My connection with MCI began during a previous visit to South Africa, where I had the pleasure of meeting their business development manager. This encounter led to an invitation to discuss potential collaborations, highlighting MCI’s reputation as a high-quality vaccine manufacturer with aspirations to broaden its product range and market reach. Our discussions were not only fruitful but also indicative of the mutual benefits that such international collaborations can foster.

Expanding Horizons in the African Market

The timing of my visit coincided with the presence of GALVmed and other notable companies, including ClinGlobal, in Mohammedia. This allowed for comprehensive discussions on a range of animal health topics pertinent to the emerging African market. A key focus was on enhancing collaboration between companies to build markets and navigate the challenges of accessing sub-Saharan veterinary markets, where protectionism poses significant barriers.

Tackling Bluetongue Virus in the UK

Back at Arpexas, our attention has been focused on the looming threat of Bluetongue virus 3 making its way to the UK. Our efforts are concentrated on identifying potential vaccine sources and guiding stakeholders through the complex landscape of vaccine development regulations and marketing. This endeavour underscores our commitment to pre-emptive action and preparedness in the face of emerging animal health challenges.

Strengthening the International Veterinary Vaccine Network

Our collaboration with the International Veterinary Vaccine Network (IVVN) aims to diversify its membership beyond the academic sphere, which has predominantly focused on the basic science of vaccine development. Recognizing the crucial role of the animal health industry in vaccine production, we are strategizing ways to engage more industry stakeholders and balance the network’s membership.

Partnering with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Our ongoing partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) remains a cornerstone of our work at Arpexas. Aligned with their mission to stimulate markets in lower and middle-income countries, we are actively involved in projects that aim to foster sustainable improvements in livestock economics. The collaboration with BMGF is a testament to our shared vision of making a tangible impact on global animal health and welfare.

Looking Ahead

The insights gained from my trip to Morocco and the ongoing projects at Arpexas are just the tip of the iceberg. As we navigate the complexities of vaccine development and market expansion, the potential for innovation and collaboration remains boundless. I look forward to sharing more about our progress in the coming months and continuing the conversation on how we can collectively advance the field of veterinary science.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a healthier future for animals worldwide.

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